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Previous Meetings

July 2024

Feng Shui Gardening

Carol Bone' gave an informative presentation on Feng Shui as relates to position of your home and your garden. We were first assigned mapping our home's front door on a sketch of East, West, North and South. A variety of plant colors were recommended in each quadrant, as well as placing a "mountain" feature at the back of the house, which "protects" our home - examples could be a tall hedge or tree or mounding your garden in the back. Remove clutter and open the area leading to your front door with a meandering path, incorporate water features and balance the plantings to the right of the front door.

May 2024

Irises and Coleuses

Julie Morehouse, the owner of In Season Garden and Nursery in Stockton, was our excellent speaker this month. She taught us all about coleus and different irises, including Dutch iris, Japanese iris, Bearded iris, and the unusual walking iris.

Dutch Iris: plant the small bulb with point down about 2x the height of the bulb.

Bearded irises:
Are grown from rhizomes
After blooming (end of summer usually) cut the leaves off in a fan shape about 4-5 inches from rhizomes
When dividing break off soft parts, and plant with top half above the ground.
Divide where there is a leaf bud (the bump at the point)
Do not over water as they easily rot.
They need lots of sun in order to bloom.
Divide every few years to keep them blooming and healthy.
They don't need fertilizer but can use bone meal which is high in phosphorus.
If fertilize best is right before rain; be sure to water after

Walking Iris:
You can break off the tiny 'bulbs' that grown along the stem to propagate new rhizomes
Once in the ground the plants root and start a new plant; the large clumps May lay on the ground and
spread in every direction - walking along the ground.
You can sometimes get 10-12 buds on one plant
Pollinators and Beneficial wasps love this plant
Trim the stems at end of growing season.
Remove dead flowers to encourage propagation.
grows best in light to full shade and moist soil

House or outdoor plants
From the mint family, clue: square stems
Can get tall spiked flowers; pinch back to avoid leaves from stopping growing
They are annuals but may come back if doesn't freeze
Propagate from leaf stem; take bottom leaves off and put in water to cover the leaf nodes
they like shade, especially from afternoon sun
Low Water
Pinch head to keep compact
Diseases: white flies - low air circulation & too much water
Can use Neem oil with water & spray underneath of leaves

April 2024

History and Services of San Joaquin County Historical Museum @ Micke Grove Park

From the Miwok and Yokuts Indians to the development of modern agriculture to Charles Weber, founder of Stockton and first farmer in the area, history abounds in this jewel of a museum. As we listened to Director and historian, Phillip Merlo, we enjoyed the outdoor surroundings of the walled garden. Phillip expanded our spoke about the museum nestled on 18 acres with multiple exhibits and buildings displaying the rich history of San Joaquin County and the many educational experiences offered. Their emphasis is on the county's important contributions to agriculture and promoting community pride, continued learning and an appreciation of our regional history.

Become at member of this valuable resource and help it continue to keep our history front and center

March 2024


Camellia Society President, Julie Vierra, and Vice President, LuAnn Lantsberger, were amazing speakers. They brought two 1-gallon camellias for members; had a beautiful PowerPoint presentation of Camellias in the Sacramento and San Joaquin region; labeled members' camellias with metal tags with their varietal name so they could label their shrubs at home; and Julie demonstrated pruning techniques. Camellias should be pruned after blooming and can take substantial pruning. Handouts covered all areas of care; "12 Months of Care"; caring for your new camellia; and copies of February and March's Camellia Times newsletter, full of information and local happenings.

Camellia Society meets 2-5 pm 4th Sunday of October-April See Web for more information

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