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Resources for Learning

If you have any recommendations for additional podcasts, You Tube, books, or web pages, please let us know so we can add them here.  Check back occasionally, as we will be adding more resources

as we become aware of them.


Link to Permaculture Podcast

The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann Includes interviews with Douglas Tallamy

Link to Joe Gardener Podcast

The Joe Gardener Show with Joe Lamp'l National gardening TV host, podcast is devoted to all things gardening

Link to podcast

All the Dirt Podcast with Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe Gardening, sustainability, food and organics

Link to Green Acres podcast

Green Acres Garden Podcast with Kevin & Austin from Green Acres Nursery For newbies and seasoned gardeners alike

Link to Cultivating Place podcast

Cultivating Place with Jennifer Jewel "Conversations on natural history & the human impulse to garden"


Bringing Nature Home Book

Books by Douglas W. Tallamy:

Rewild Your Garden by Frances Tophill

Book titled Rewild Your Garden

Heather Holm is a pollinator conservationist and award-winning author:

  • Pollinators of Native Plants

  • Bees

  • Wasps

Endless Forms:  The Secret World of Wasps by Seirian Sumner

Dig really deep in this book about the fascinating world of wasps and their essential role in our ecosystem


Bring Back The Pollinators

Each of us can adopt four simple steps: growing pollinator-friendly flowers, providing nest sites, avoiding pesticides, and spreading the word.

Offering educational resources for students

All about pollinators

Learn all about pollinators and what, where and how we can protect and bring them to our gardens.

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