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lady pruning roses

Victory Rose Garden

We have been regularly assisting in the deadheading, weeding and annual pruning of roses at the Haggin Museum - Victory Park Gerry Dunlap Rose Garden.  

The rose garden originally designed and built by Stockton Beautiful in May 2007 and is currently being upgraded and our involvement is on hold for a few months.

Watch and see their progress throughout this winter and spring.  We'll be helping again once their remodel is completed.

garden club members at earth day event at the check in table
children's activities at earth day
 Garden  Club Members wearing their aprons at Earth Day

Earth Day

This year's event in Stockton:  Sunday April 21, 2024  10 am - 4 pm
Global Theme for 2024 is "Planet vs. Plastics"

Participation by our club is an annual event held at Victory Park, Stockton each April, much enjoyed by both our members and the guests stopping by to chat, learn and share experiences.  

Our children's educational / fun hands-on activities are a favorite of all ages.

Learn more about Earth Day by clicking button below.

Festa Italiana, Lodi

Our Club Members enjoy creating live flower designs, called "Infiorata" each June as part of the Lodi Italian Festival.

We create a design on a large surface, outline the design with coffee grounds and fill it with cut-up colorful fresh flowers and greenery.  Only natural materials are used in the designs.


Infiorata originated in Italy anddates back to the early 17th century in Rome. It was in fact an idea of the Vatican to embellish the churchyards with drawings created with fresh flowers on the feast of Corpus Domini.  Presumably, the first flower carpets were made on the 29th of June 1625 in the Vatican Basilica. Benedetto Drei, head-florist at the Vatican, and his son Peter were the creators.


The most popular part of this event is the children's section where tons of freshly cut up flowers are available for children to create their own designs.

garden club member with finished floral design
garden club member with her flower display
children creating flower design at Italian Festival

March 2023:  We planted herbs, vegetables, strawberries, succulents, irises, lavender in eight raised beds, creeping fig vines along fence lines and orange trees by their Recuperative Building, giving future shade and oranges to the residents.

March 2024:  We combined Arbor Day and the Mission's Spring Planting Day, refreshed the beds with blooming flowers and planted a peach tree.  Mayor Kevin Lincoln and State Senator Susan Eggman attended and presented us and the Mission with Certificates of Recognition for the work we each do in the community.

Gospel Center Rescue Mission

Club members have worked along side the Mission's Program Students to guide, teach and assist in gardening, planting, soil preparation and maintaining plants.  We  visit periodically to check on progress and see if we can assist in other ways.  We're hoping to help them enlarge their produce selections in the future to use in their kitchen.

Find more about the wonderful programs at Stockton's Gospel Center Rescue Mission by clicking here:

Educational Presentations

O'Connor Woods Residential Living

Laura Fortune, President, made a powerpoint presentation on the value of Oak Trees and native plants to residents of O'Connor Woods, followed by an engaging question - answer session.  O'Connor Woods is nestled on 34 park-like acres in Stockton, with numerous aged Valley Oak Trees.

O'Connor Woods oak tree

Troke Library, 502 W Benjamin Holt, Stockton

Guests, employees and garden club members enjoyed a powerpoint presentation by Laura Fortune on Native Plants.

garden club members enjoying a meeting

Next Library Presentation will be in late April on "Beneficial Insects"

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