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Elegant Claytonia Perfoliata or Miner's Lettuce

Claytonia Perfoliata, a trailing plant, is an annual herb in the Montia family native to a large portion of western North America, including almost every county in California. It's presence is indicative of a healthy oak woodland and grows in early spring through May.

Called rooreh by the native Ohlone people, other common names for it are Winter Purslane, Indian lettuce and Miner’s lettuce, the latter which came from 1850s Gold Rush miners eating it on their journeys in Northern California for general nutrition and to help prevent scurvy (it contains high levels of Vitamin C). Mature leaves are round, succulent and edible.

Elegant Claytonia Perfoliata or Miner's Lettuce

Sun, Part Shade; grows well in dappled shad of trees
Likes moist areas and understory of oaks
Tolerates variety of soils & has a shallow tap root
Supports: insects, moths and butterflies
Size: 1 ft x 1 ft
Propagation: Seed; self seeds prolifically if well sited

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